Rhino Sports® Pro Action Suspended Tennis Courts

The Pro Action Court Advantage:

  • Easy and fast to install on any existing or new tennis courts
  • No resurfacing or painting. Ever.
  • Covers existing cracks and chipped surfaces
  • Shock absorbing surface - Cushioned effect extends fatigue-free playing time
  • Better rebound response, easier line calls, no skid on lines
  • No pools or puddles on court
  • All weather, self draining surface
  • Much lower surface temperatures in summer (Cooler than asphalt or concrete)

Our Pro Action suspended tennis court surface is designed to withstand heavy, regular use over the long term, with built-in flexion, making it the safest and healthiest tennis court surface in the world. It also delivers an excellent price to performance ratio.

Our Pro Action courts are virtually maintenance free. Rain quickly drains through, no more sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, jump on and start playing. Our ten year limited warranty means trouble-free play.