About Us

Over 20 years of experience and engineering go in to each and every Rhino Sports® product. This ensures that you're playing on the most technologically advanced product available. We incorporate advancements in design and engineering into multi-sport floors, basketball systems and associated products to deliver superior products for professional play or family fun.


Coach Larry Brown

"I have really enjoyed working with Rhino Sports®- it's always great to be on a winning team. I have been fortunate enough to coach and play on all types of surfaces, and the Rhino Sports®surface is the best for my family."

- Coach Larry Brown

1996 NCAA Champion Coach, Rick Pitino

"After doing my research I'm confident Rhino offers the highest quality, the best service and the best value of any court investment."

- Coach Rick Pitino

Head Volleyball Coach Thanks His Rhino Court® For Reducing Stress Injuries Among Athletes

"Late in the summer, Murray, Kentucky had some horrendous rain showers causing a lot of flooding throughout the town of Murray. One of the places hit hard was Racer Arena, my volleyball court. It sat under about six inches of water. The floor was ruined and it needed to be replaced.

Time was a huge factor. After making several calls and talking to several companies, the people of Rhino Sports® made my choice easy. Of course we looked at the quality of Rhino Flooring compared to the competition and felt Rhino Sports® had the best product on the market. Time was also a critical factor, and we needed a floor with our school colors. Rhino understood our dilemma. They worked extremely hard to get the floor in before our first home game. There was a lot to be done but they did it and did a great job. They were very helpful and walked us through it.

The floor itself is awesome. The look of the floor is beautiful. The athletes love it and appreciate how it will reduce knee, shin, and overall wear and tear on their bodies. This floor is incredible. I can't say enough about it and what it will do for our program. Thanks to the people of Rhino Sports® for doing such a great job!"

- David A. Schwepker, Head Volleyball Coach, Murray State University

Seven Year NBA Player Kyle Macy Swears by Rhino Sports®' Flooring.

"Being an 'old school' basketball player, I thought a gym floor had to be wood. But after giving Rhino's sports a try, I changed my mind. Rhino floors play just like a wood floor but give me even more. When I throw a bounce pass, I want the ball to respond with the same action as the wood floors I have played on in the past. Rhino courts® does just that.

And while my thinking is no longer 'old school,' my body still is and that's where Rhino gives me even more. After playing, I don't feel as sore in my joints and injuries seem to be reduced."

- Kyle Macy, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Morehead State University

Las Vegas Rhino

My family and I absolutely love the Rhino Court! Between skateboarding, bicycles, kickball, and of course basketball it gets utilized almost every day. The re-bouncer net certainly added another dimension to the court and allows my kids the ability to practice their tennis skills. What I am most impressed with is its durability and low maintenance. Even though there is a park close by our house our children love to play in our backyard which gives my wife and I peace of mind.

I am glad we chose to install a Rhino Court over a swimming pool. Thank you for the time you took in make sure the court was just right when it was installed. In doing the research of other companies, I felt Rhino was without a doubt the one to go with and you have proven that to be true.

- Craig Seiden